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Aidan O'Connell - Raiders Next QB?

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

The Raiders 4th round pick and walk-on at Purdue was seen Dragging his massive cock out of the Tunnel and onto the field before his first professional start against the 49ers on Sunday at Allegiant stadium. The 2-year starter from Purdue faced off against the 49er's (hopeful) franchise QB Trey Lance and outplayed him in every facet of the game.

O'Connell committed to play Football for Wheaton College, but less than a month later, he accepted a preferred walk-on spot with Purdue, and the rest is history.

Now for the Dragging cock thing I was talking about, I have seen a lot of debuts over the years watching sports ball, and that was a performance in my eyes that looked different. O'Connell Looked like a super poised QB who has been in the league for years, and you can say, well, it's only preseason, and he played against backups, but ask all the top QBs in the draft how their day went.

The Vision and accuracy from O'Connell left me in shock; I was expecting Mediocre play against a 49ers team that is well-coached and known for its depth. Aidan was 15/18 with 141 passing yards and one touchdown. His pocket awareness and feel looked like a pure natural at quarterback. I expect the Raiders will put him in every position to grow and become the next Raiders starting quarterback after Jimmy G's stent with Las Vegas.

The man from Long Grove, Illinois & Farva look alike looks like he is going to work hard and take advantage of every opportunity given to him. The Raiders organization must be ecstatic with his rookie pre-season debut.

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