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Stacked Paddys Golf - The Boys are Back!!

The Fella's have been off for a while, but we are ready to get back to it. We have been busy with Life and other aspects of the business-like the Football pod, Tournaments, and Trying to improve our Golf game (which is not going well). The California winter storms messed up a lot of our plans as well as our Local golf courses, so the Beer and dad life took a real stronghold on our personal lives. As a company, we have some really exciting stuff coming up with our hockey side and the Ferda beers line so look out for that.

We will put out a new video before the end of May and most likely 2 at least in June so we will be busy pandas for the next 2 months. The drinking and filming will be done at new courses that we will announce soon on our social media and podcast.

Our Golf Tournament for 2023 will be announced soon as well, I am looking at locations now, but it might be a couple of weeks with getting ready for our hockey tournament at tri-valley Ice in Livermore.

If our children and wives let us, we want to get some filming in at a driving range showing practice as we try and improve our game for the channel.

Our dumb ass shenanigans and drinking need no practice as we are ELITE.

QUOTE - “I'm sick of following my dreams, man. I'm just going to ask where they're going and hook up with ’em later."

—Mitch Hedberg

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Your wife will need all golf related endeavors requested in writing at least 48 hours before said activities.

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Adam Ortiz
Adam Ortiz
18 mag 2023
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I can't read very well or at all.

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