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What is a High-Key Dad you ask?

I needed to start a new podcast and share my way of life to see how many other dads out there live the way I do. I also wanted to cover all sports on a podcast since 3 Men in Motion is a Football podcast, and I pretty much watch everything.

I will use this blog to write about all sports topics, dad life, Beer, Cigars, sports betting, Golfing, beer league hockey, husband life, and just what it's like to live a life where you are pretty much on the edge of being in trouble. lol

I have a Wonderful Wife (for now lol) Cassie, and My Amazing daughter Mila who is just about to be two years old. I love my family more than anything on this planet, including random acts of butt sex, but I love living a fast-paced life where I always have to be doing something. I play ice hockey 2 to 3 times a week, Golf weekly, work 9 to 6, and run my sports content company which includes a podcast at least once a week and filming golf. I didn't even include editing and creating content graphics.

A High-Key dad sees a Glory hole and thinks uhhhhh ya, I might have to use that. It's just the way we live our lives. We also Grind, Work Hard, clutch in clutch-like scenarios, usually become legends among friends and scholars, drink after beer league games, drink high-class beers, drink from shoes, Take the over, and are excellent at dad and husband duties. Being on in 2 on a par 5 is also a must (lay-ups are for basketball).

You will probably need one of the best wives on this planet to put up with you, but the key is she must genuinely love and trust you to pull this lifestyle off and vice versa.

All jokes aside, I strive to be the best Dad and husband I can be while still living the best life possible to make myself happy.


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